Conversation with a Forest.

Mid September showing of instillation at Ruberslaw. Scottish Borders.

In preparation for my contribution I have spent time in forests known and newly discovered. From Argeonage in highland perthshire to the valley of Chamonix.France where I connected with a group of artists making a similar conversation. Landes de Gascogne. Haut Languedoc. Region du Vercours and the Massif des Bauges included on my trail. Collecting seeds and repurposing them. The last will come to Ruberslaw to be planted.

My journey will be related to a group in Lille.France furthering my intention to discourse.

Some references:

The hidden life of trees. Peter Wohllenben.
Trees:Reflections and poems. Hermann Hesse.

The Bishnoi. India. Nature worship. And the beginning of ‘The Tree Hugger’.

The showing is sponsored by Creative Scotland in partnership with the group Moving Image Makers Collective.