this photographer is a hunter

The hidden lane is run by Joe Mulholland. He has a great love of the medium and has chosen the work of Douglas McBride under the title. Archaeology . It had already been seen in France and we had begun to think that there was among us yet another prophet without honour (or honour without profit) in his own country. In the event the hidden Lane did Douglas proud and the presentation was all that a photographer could hope for, only the gallery lighting failing to do justice to some of the rich prints. "This photographer is a hunter, a seeker after signs. Every day he surprises warriors and monsters and wee folk; and especially hints of his own past to which only he is party. It is work full of seductive images you can interpret as you will but which ultimately are the private property of their maker. Here is someone who may be indulging in 'phototherapy' but who is creating photographs which have a universal appeal as, dare we say, beautiful objects". Joe Mulholland.Glasgow.