Zone de Confusion.

Between poetry and Scottish legend…
You’ll be able to meet this professional photographer at the Gallery "Zone de Confusion”
He speaks in a broad scots tongue, however his photos express for him and if the bardic language does‘nt frighten you, he can explain with his Scottish accent his working trips and rambles in fields and forests where he lives.As this artist likes taking a walk in nature and captures magic instants. He has chosen to live in the country. This exhibition displays his works on the riversides, among plants and trees in autumn,or frozen in winter. The photos are in black and white show poetic figures like magic pieces of nature inspired by Mythology. It is his bright ideas, his photography, stories and legends alive in native Scotland. The photos are so fine, revealing perfectly nature’ mystery.
One set titled “Kimono” as the autor said “this habit wraps the body’s of women and must hide it, as it’s forbidden to look inside. In Scotland a similar myth exist about the rivers and the people looking them too much. They can be attract by creatures , les Kelpies who will seduce them and will lead them to the bottom”
For us Douglas McBride make photos and we have to discover this creatures’ secret.
To make his mark on history of our region, he stopped on the seaside and Cote d’Opale’ dunes, these became part of the bright idea with a serie of photohraphies in regards to Scottish Falls titled “Falls of Ocean” Together they become

Land of Ossian, Land of Myth, Home.. Terre de Ossian, Terre de Myth, Maison…

LA VOIX DU NORD. le 20 juin 2017