Ruberslaw forest

"As we edged by torchlight along Tower Shaw and Woodland Escape, I thought the show's conceptual breadth, formal ambitions and technical execution were extremely impressive: a quietly stunning evolution of your practice. The sense of scale and dimensional depth in the instillation, aptly titled Cosmos was immediately humbling. Simultaneously, the work functioned as a statement to and a broad encapsulation of the event. Cosmos implied a temporality beyond human understanding".
Michael Pattison. Director. Alchemy film & Arts

“The beauty of the artwork in the night among the trees as I approached from below was exciting. Drawn by the sound and the movement.
Your dress has a lots meaning for me, you kept it so nicely and use it as beautiful artwork. I think the object has got full of memories, that is the most powerful thing. Hidden behind it surprised me about the hanging painting. I did not know this item, now I’m glad to discover it.Thanks again for sharing it with me”...a visitor from Korea seeing the work in the trees.

“The way the work blends with the trees is quite sublime. Why the Renaissance would have a connection became a surprise. The Trees accept your image perfectly. My ancestors have lived here for centuries, one was a celebrated poet. Your artwork offers a new poetry to the setting”. Some words from the land owner visiting with her family.

“No. Its not about the just the trees, it’s about exposing artistically a composition of the spirit that inhabits their mystery”. A critique by a friend.