Conversation with a Forest.

At Ruberslaw in the Scottish Borders an instillation consisting of a film, Cosmos’ sponsored by Creative Scotland will show over the mid weekend of September 2021. A conversation with the forest may be one sided, however there is research to suggest that living forests do interact with us in ways so obscure that it takes Poets and Artists words and actions interpreting that connection.

Thinking of great achievements by humans it is extremely difficult to choose something that may give back. We are in our infancy of course compared to trees whom exist in the fossil record for millions of years...

Discover a renaissance painting. Beneath it a child’s dress worn to a wedding, styled on the Ballerina by Degas. An attempt to show our highest achievement in sorts. Projected onto the dress is a short film made in winter in the Cairngorm mountains where there are petrified trees in the peat under a Lochan frozen to verglass. The soundscape is the Cosmos. In our infancy compared to the timeline of trees we discover the sound of deep space interpreting it as contact. Perhaps the trees have heard this sound already as we are all cosmic matter.